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Oh Buddha
I beg you please
Clean my eyes and let me see
How far shall I go on this journey?
And how long shall I complete?

Oh Buddha
Tell me please
How high is the heaven?
And how many flowers in your garden?
To the world beyond reach
I am not certain
And please come to my window
And draw the curtain

Oh Buddha
The sun is rising in your sky
And will it fall on the night?


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Oh Buddha
I hear you teach me
Clean the heart and one can see
Far to go every journey
But the time will come where I complete

Oh Buddha
I hear your tell me
Endless is the heaven
Countless are flowers in your garden
To the world beyond reach
I am certain
When I cleaned my heart
On my window there will be no curtain

Oh Buddha
Your sky is my sky
Day or night arise from my heart
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Oh Buddha
it's very good very good......
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