oh Buddha tell me please 佛祖请告诉我

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Oh Buddha
Tell me please
What should I pursuit
I have nothing except you
You say you are very near
Just inside my heart
But why not let me know
Or it is only an art
I see you in a photo
And I see just a statue
If that is you
Please let me know
Maybe my eyes are blind
And my ears are deaf
My heart I can not find
Am I a lost sheep?
Or I am just in a dream
Oh Buddha
What is your desire?
You say no
What is my desire?
I don’t know
I am not as smart as you
Tell me please
What am I?
And what do I need?
I am always on the street
The crowd is the crowd
Not include me
I am all alone
And will you beside me?
Oh Buddha
Tell me please
What is the real happiness?
Can I get it if my heart’s
Full of emptiness
If I am happy
Can I still exist?
In this world
I only know this
I come from ashes
And again I shall be
Without any trace
and nobody see
But how in another
Oh Buddha
Tell me please


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Listening to the Buddha,
it's silence,
listening further more,
it's noise,
listening for ever,
there is no answer,
suddenly, I remember,
I learned from the sutra:

Buddha is nowhere
but everywhere,
if you want the real answer,
listen to your heart!
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Oh Buddha
What is your desire?
You are twisting the follower.
What is my desire?
You are kindly smile.
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